(videophile) (onlylonely) wrote in amp_effect,

"harry, that looks like a gun!"

well, here that is.

this is exciting. very. i've always wondered on other player's scores too... because it's all well and good to know how great you can do, but what if your "great" is actually "suckage" compared to others?

i haven't played online yet. that's a sad thing. i need to work on hooking up with a friend who actually has the net card. then the games will be rolling.

i guess that's all.
i'm so lame. and haven't passed the game.
which rhymed, and is lame.
but i get really annoyed with the songs in the last arena of "insane"... because they've got those crazy double and triple combinations... and for some reason, my fingers don't ever like to hit the same button twice or thrice that fast.

i'd like to mention that i am a self-proclaimed super sprode master. any difficulty, i'll kick your ass. oh, and mekon.
(but i'm just being silly and trying to sound cool. again.)

- Laura
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